Installing Cumaro Decking with Wood Plugs

This method of installation involves screwing the Cumaro deck boards directly into the joists. Normally, this top-down vertical screw installation will leave unsightly screw holes on the surface. However, when you then fill the holes with wood plugs milled to match your deck you end up with a smooth, more polished look.

Installing S4S E4E Cumaro Decking with Wood Plugs:

1.   Countersink 3/8" holes into face of deck boards.

2.   Predrill 1/8" pilot holes completely through the deck boards.

3.   Screw the deck boards down with stainless steel screws.

4.   Glue cumaro wood plugs into the holes with waterproof glue (i.e. Epoxy, Gorilla Glue, etc.).

5.   Knock off plug tops with a chisel.

6.   Sand smooth with 80 grit sandpaper (a round orbit sander works great).

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